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We help matured start-ups in any Tech and Production industry striving for upgrading their team according to their ambitious business plans.

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We run a process that figures out the right match

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Communication of the Company's DNA attracting Smart, Humble, Collaborative and Hardworkig humans

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Career, outplacement and personal branding sessions with ICF accredited coaches


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The best executive candidates for the best business growth

High volume recruitment of similar profiles according to company’s values

Systematic approach to external and internal activities

Holistic strategy of being present in multichannel environment

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High-level executive assistants matching company culture and exclusive needs


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Olga Karūna

CEO | Consultant | Coach | ACC

Enno Ence

Enno Ence

Partner | Innovations Management | Business Mentor

Natalia Nemcenko

Natalia Nemcenko

Strategic Executive Consultant | ACMA | CGMA | Partner


Evita Fridenberga

Project Manager

Diana Bolgare

Diana Bolgare

Associated British English Teacher | Career Coaching Projects | CELTA

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Olga Karūna

Olga is operating across the entire HR & Innovation spectrum: from developing insights and identifying opportunities to crafting experiences and growing solutions. She is deeply passionate about creating meaningful interactions between people, products, and services. This has culminated in over 15 years of in-depth experience in a variety of industries including finance, HR and project management.


Olga is a professional paragliding pilot, mainly in paragliding accuracy discipline. She participates in local and global accuracy landing competitions. In years 2019 and 2021 Olga was nominated as a leader for the Latvia national team by the Latvian Paragliding Federation. Her responsibilities included taking care of the team progress, well-being, public relations, and communication with competitions organizers.


In her spare time Olga shows the example of sport spirit for her 3 kids, enjoying outdoor activities like amateur wakeboarding, kiteboarding, skating, biking, running, yoga, and meditation.

Enno Ence

Building my own business experience in product development and innovations proved my capability to create innovative products, develop a sustainable supply chain and build a strong team of professionals, led by a common goal to success.

Having grown in team’s expertise in the industry overall, product development and finding routes to new markets, I decided to take a partner role in consultancy business  and focus on  the knowledge sharing, facilitating positive change and scaling in other start-ups or scale-ups.

Currently, I am open to conversations on the following topics:

  • Innovations and business mentorship, and executive coaching;
  • R&D and product innovations project funding according to the EU Green Deal requirements;
  • Start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurship mentoring programs.

Natalia Nemcenko

Natalia has broad international experience obtained working in well-known international companies in different European locations, as well as in the companies with the local capital, in the industries as digital media, food, electronic supplies and fintech. Strong strategical skills in combination with target orientation, and ability to offer different solutions Natalia can add value for the companies, who need assistance in strategy development and implementation, operational audit, performance evaluation for each specific business case. Change management, developement and efficiency improvement are other areas, where Natalia has strong experience.

Natalia exploring the world, visiting vanishing cultures and unusual places which can surprise, meeting local people and getting to know them close, always as independent traveller. Besides travelling she is interested in photography and design. Natalia has obtained MBA from Riga Business School; ACMA, CGMA grades from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK) and currently obtaining Bachelor degree in Psychology in the University of Latvia.

Natalia has 3 kids, with whom actively participate in sport activities – tennis, running, skiing, showing the world and growing loyalty through travelling. Always provoking herself with the new challenges to make life more vibe, fascinating and thrilling.

Evita Fridenberga

Evita’s experience combines the power of being curious, compiling details in user stories and real investigation mission applied creatively particular case. She is responsible for sourcing, candidates’ experience and creating the community of capable executive assistants, evaluating skillset, advising on expertise improvement and finding the best math for executives who are searching for trusted administrative help. By Evita’s opinion, culture, communication and people are the most vulnerable but at the same time the strongest tools for business growth.

Evita is passionate about intercultural environments and taking part in exchange programs, global projects, and initiatives. She has Bc’s degree in intercultural communication, and now she is taking the opportunity to finish Ms’s degree in HR and psychology.

For the past 18 years she has been dancing Latvian folk dances, traveling around Europe, and participating in performances. In her free time, she likes to hike and be outside, enjoying all kinds of sports, e.g. beach volleyball, beach tennis or wakeboarding.

Diana Bolgare

Diana is a CELTA trained and experienced teacher delivering language and drama courses for children, teens and adults, both in small groups and in private.

More than 10 years of experience, more than 500 students during the career, more than 10 creative language projects, including 3 Drama performances, several language day camps for kids and teenagers, numerous English hiking and bike day-trips, a couple of English Drama and Music weekends.

In her free time Diana practices yoga, meditation, Reiki; takes part in drama workshops within the Baltic Applied Theatre Community. She enjoys quality time with her teenage kids and organises English Drama events with her husband.