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An Executive Assistant provides assistance to high-level executives within a company and is often trusted with complex duties and sensitive information.

In addition to general administrative work, Executive Assistants may be in charge of scheduling meetings, taking minutes during sessions, maintaining databases and producing reports or presentations for their executive leadership.

This person is not only skilled and experienced, but also has good work etiquette. In our experience it is very important that there is harmony with person who you are working with. Why that is so important you will ask? It’s because EA will support Executive person, EA will and will help you manage his day, which makes a direct impact on business. For us its very important to know our candidates, what drives them, motivates them, what is the purpose, in that case to find the perfect candidate for each request. 

If you want to know more about how we can help you to find perfect executive assistant, please APPLY for an online consultation. After application confirmation, you will receive a questionary with important topics to think about before meeting.

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