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For Executive headhunting projects our clients are matured start-ups in any Tech or Production industry striving for upgrading their team according to their ambitious business plans. We find the best candidates for the best development opportunities. It’s an absolutely normal situation when we approach candidates, who feel good on their positions and maybe even don’t think about any changes, however, response rate to our approach is 80%, which means: your preferable candidate is actually open to discuss a relevant offer, in case he feels safe and supported.

Headhunting process claims the client to be fully engaged in the process, to be involved in meaningful in-depth discussions with consultant about the profile, shaping the role and exploring any additional aspects of future team upgrade, being open to candidate’s cross- functional experiences, expectations, and potential input in Client’s company growth.

If you want to know more about the process, head hunting projects delivery terms, or talk about a specific role you company needs for a business boost, please APPLY for an online consultation. After application confirmation, you will receive a questionary with important topics to think about before meeting.

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