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Our Mass recruitment projects attract such clients as international companies, coming to the Baltic market, or companies restructuring their businesses, relaunching after acquisition or any other situation, when a considerable number of new employees with similar profiles is needed.

Values are crucial when new employees join the company, especially, if they are numerous. We communicate company’s vision, mission, and values at all stages of external communication to attract employees with the best fit. Process-wise, we design a tailor-made approach in each case, including Shaping roles and HR planning, Media communication strategy and execution, managing the application process, including video CVs, Group events, Interviews, supporting the decisions, making process, pre-onboarding, and onboarding stages.

If you want to know more about how we can help your company to make a significant expansion, please APPLY for an online consultation. After application confirmation, you will receive a questionary with important topics to think about before meeting.

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